Who I am

I work as an UX designer (a.k.a interaction designer) in Shenzhen, China. My education background is MSc. and BSc. of information science (information management & information systems) obtained from iSchool, Wuhan University. I've also served as Jr. Researcher in Amsterdam Data Science, the Netherlands for one year.


Stuff I do

I design Internet products including websites and smart phone apps. In support of design projects, I conduct a variety of user research and usability tests. My design deliverables include prototypes from lo-fi to hi-fi, site blueprints, user personas and journey maps, statistical analysis reports, etc.. My published scholarly articles could be found on ResearchGate.

  • Prototype Design

  • Information Achitecture

  • User Research

  • H5 + Python



I own a Dribbble publisher account.
More about projects I involved could be found on LinkedIn.