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Ensuring Quality User Experiences

Genuinely increase conversion rate and customer loyalty for employers.
Interested position: User Researcher; User Experience Designer; Interaction Designer.
Elsevier's report about Huiqin Gao's achievements being Mendeley Advisor.

Elsevier's online report about my achievements in user research.
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I conduct practical and impactful research across product cycle, bring insights about users by variable methods, e.g. surveys, interviews, log analysis, usability studies, etc.


I'm educated in Information Science and hold certificate in Interaction Design. I've acquired additional knowledge and techniques in Statistics, Psychology, Design and Coding.


I'm fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, can read Dutch and German, trained by global leadership union AIESEC, used to work in Europe and business travel to US on invitation.

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Prototype Design

    A product during role as Jr. Researcher in Smart Healthcare project at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands).

  • Prophase User Research
  • Clinical process abstraction, user personas, scenary depiction, user searching behavioral analysis.

  • System Architecture Design
  • Interconnection between electronic patient record and medical ontologies, user needs mining, clinical PICO model matching.

  • Interface Design
  • Please click on video left.

Usability Tests

  • An Empirical Analysis of Library OPAC Users’ Search Pathways in Wuhan University
  • Publication in press. Please email me to get full-article.

  • A Search Log Analysis of OPAC Users' Searching Behavior
  • Check with PDF.

  • Research on Scientific Literature Management Tools Selection and Utilization Based on Information Resources Sharing
  • Check with PDF.

Huiqin Gao UX Professional
Huiqin Gao UX Professional

Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) Features Analysis

  • How Does Search Task Complexity Affect Users’ Behavior and Emotions?
  • Publication in press. Please email me to get full-article.

  • A clickstream data analysis of Chinese academic library OPAC users’ information behavior
  • Publication in press. Please email me to get full-article.

  • A Review of Research Studies on Exploratory Search
  • Check with PDF.

Interface Design

    I have a couple of works published on Dribbble. Please click on link below to view.

  • My Dribbble

User Needs Mining

  • Are Mendeley's public groups effective aggregators of high-value papers? An analysis based on paper readerships
  • Check with PDF.

  • An exploratory study of paper sharing in Mendeley’s public groups
  • Check with PDF.

Information Architecture Techniques

  • Construction of Domain Ontology in Information Science Based on Formal Concept Analysis
  • Check with PDF.

Huiqin Gao UX Professional

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Frequently Asked Questions

Also are my self-reflections.

Do you need to go back to university?

No. I terminated my PhD program (with shaking hand) and am ready all-in for a company job.

Which city do you want to work in?

Basically Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, or Beijing.

Why did you end your PhD?

Because of resources reallocation. My competencies are in UX, while the PhD does tech-development. So it's rational that I adjust, being responsible for both myself and the research group.

How about your lack of industry experiences?

I have internships with industry leaders, which means I defeated tons of peer-competitors. Moreover, I’m a quick learner. So:
Hire me now, get payback very soon.  My CV.

Thank you so much so far.

I'm happy to talk more.
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